Wild Rift - Join the Fluft!

Fancy finding a flock of fuzzy friends? Fulfill these fun and fabulous feats to fly with the fluft!



Start - August 17th, 2021 / 00:00:01 UTC

End - August 23rd, 2021 / 00:00:01 UTC


Mission Objective Reward

Brush Surprise!

Place or destroy 30 wards

100 Blue Motes

Crab Boop

As a team, kill 15 Rift Scuttlers

125 Blue Motes

Fluffy Foes

Get 125 takedowns

150 Blue Motes

Cute Overload

Deal 250,000 damage to enemy champions

150 Blue Motes

Be Brave!

As a team, kill 25 epic monsters

175 Blue Motes

Time for Takeoff

Win 10 games

175 Blue Motes

Fluft Legend

Complete six Join the Fluft! missions

Flying Off the Handle Emote



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