Wild Rift - Frost and Flame

Two sons of the Freljord—one who befriended a monster, and one who became a monster. Two powerful elements—the first used to create, the second to destroy. What happens when these forces of nature collide?
Find out in
League of Legends: Wild Rift!

Frost and Friendship

image1.jpg Nunu always wanted to be like the heroes in his mother’s stories, so one night he snuck out into the wilds to slay a mighty beast. What he found instead was the yeti Willump—and the pair has been inseparable ever since. When they’re not toppling turrets, they can often be found rambling across the frozen planes, exchanging snowball volleys, and using their icy magic to bring imaginary adventures to life.

Flame and Fury

image5.jpg When he tampered with forces well beyond his control, young Frejlord tribesman Kegan Rodhe was transformed into the fiery embodiment of vengeance known as Brand. This unstoppable living inferno now burns a path across Runeterra seeking only one thing: more power. He is not evil, for evil is a choice, and Brand has no more control over his actions than a raging wildfire.


Start - September 9th, 2021 | 00:00 UTC
End - September 23rd, 2021 | 23:59 UTC

Frost and Flame Shop
Start - September 9th, 2021 | 00:00 UTC
End - September 28th, 2021 | 23:59 UTC


A little hot, a little cold! Three new missions will unlock each day of the event. If you miss a day or two, don’t worry—those missions will still be available. Just note that you’ll only be able to progress three missions at a time, so you’ll need to complete your current missions before diving into others. For every mission you complete, you’ll earn Frost and Flame Tokens that can be spent in the event store.






The Power of Friendship Win a game while playing in a premade party
Play 5 games
45 Tokens
  Wealth Keeps You Warm Earn 40,000 gold 25 Tokens
  Start the Fire Deal 30,000 damage to enemy champions 25 Tokens


Razed! Deal the killing blow to the first turret destroyed in a match
Play 6 games
55 Tokens
  Avalanche! As a team, get 100 takedowns 25 Tokens
  We Made a New Friend! As a team, summon the Rift Herald 2 times
Play 6 games
55 Tokens


Hide and Go Seek Place or destroy 15 wards 25 Tokens
  Power of the Elements Cast your ultimate 10 times 25 Tokens
  Nothing Left But Ashes As a team, kill 6 dragons
Play 6 games
55 Tokens


Cold Blooded Get 30 takedowns 25 Tokens
  Blessing of the Three Get a triple kill
Play 6 games
55 Tokens
  Nobody Beats Us! Win 2 games 25 Tokens


Crab Boil As a team, kill 10 rift scuttlers 25 Tokens
  Breaker's Dozen As a team, destroy 12 turrets 25 Tokens
  Hurry Up, It's Cold Out Win a game in under 13 minutes
Play 6 games
55 Tokens


Where'd Everyone Go? As a team, get 0/3 aces
Play 7 games
55 Tokens
  A Tale of Two Camps As a team, kill the red/blue buff 12 times 25 Tokens
  Low Melting Point As a team, earn 150,000 gold 25 Tokens


Marked by Destiny Earn 15 medals
Play 7 games
55 Tokens
  Let the Yeti Win... As a team, kill 120 monsters 25 Tokens
  Grill Marks Get the first blood kill
Play 7 games
55 Tokens


Tussle on the Tundra Get 45 takedowns 25 Tokens
  Stay Frosty! Earn an S rank at the end of a game
Play 7 games
55 Tokens
  Burn! Burn! BUUUURRN! As a team, kill 500 minions 25 Tokens


Watch the Watchers Place or destroy 20 wards 25 Tokens
  Yay! We Got 'Em! As a team, kill an Elder Dragon
Play 7 games
55 Tokens
  The Fire is Rising Deal 50,000 damage to enemy champions 25 Tokens


Storm the Castle! Deal 5,000 damage to enemy turrets 25 Tokens
  Baron Barbecue As a team, defeat Baron Nashor 2 times 25 Tokens
  Legends of the Freljord Win a game with Brand or Nunu on your team
Play 7 games
55 Tokens

And if you go above and beyond by completing all 30 missions, you’ll receive a special icon border to show off your dedication!

Frost and Flame Shop

Below is a list of all the content you can purchase, including the new champions. The Token Shop will be available for just one week after the event, so make sure to spend your tokens before they expire!


 Token Cost


Team Boost 5 Unlimited
Blue Motes (500X) 75 11
Proud of Myself Emote image4.png 175 1
Wakey Wakey! Emote image3.png 175 1
Dumpster Fire Bauble image7.png 225 1
I’m Just Warming Up Bauble image10.png 225 1
Ice and Fire Recall 550 1
Nunu & Willump Champion 300 1
Brand Champion 300 1
Nunu & Willump Pose 300 1
Brand Pose 300 1
Branded Icon image2.png 75 1
Yeti of the Tales Icon image9.png 75 1
Arclight Brand Pose 300 1
Spirit Fire Brand Pose 300 1
Grungy Nunu & Willump Pose 300 1
Zombie Nunu & Willump Pose 300 1


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