Guild Creation and Management

Joining a guild might be a few taps away, but running a guild requires a bit more fingerwork. From creation to customization, welcome to your one-stop shop for guild management!

Guild Creation

Having trouble finding the right guild? Then it might be time to create your own!


Even the greatest guild starts with a single player. But not just anybody can become a guild leader! You have to have tenacity. Vision. DETERMINATION!

...but since we haven't figured out a way to measure any of that stuff, let's go ahead and start with the basic requirements for creating a guild:

  1. Level 9 or higher account
  2. Be an Active player in Wild Rift (3 matches of PvP, Ranked, or ARAM in the past 2 weeks)
  3. Not currently in a guild
  4. A clean record

    None of the following infractions in the past 60 days:

    • Chat Abuse
    • Inappropriate summoner name
    • Intentional feeding
    • Botting
    • Account trading/selling
    • Chargeback/Gifting fraud

    None of the following infractions in the past 14 days:

    • Going AFK or leaving games

If you meet all these criteria, congratulations! You're eligible to start your very own guild. But there's still one thing you're going to need: 400 Poro Coins to purchase a Guild Creation Token or 200 Wild Cores create one outright! Just note that players may only use Poro Coins to purchase a Guild Token ONE TIME! Subsequent Tokens must be purchased with Wild Cores.

We want every guild to be created with a purpose, be it hanging out with friends or dominating the leaderboards. Tying a small fee to guild creation helps lend each guild inherent value and a common starting point. The rest is up to you!

Guild Leaders Must Maintain Their Clean Record!

As role models both within their own guilds and throughout the Wild Rift community, guild leaders are held to a higher standard. If you're a guild leader who commits one of the infractions listed above, your post will fall to the next eligible candidate, and you'll have to wait 14 days before you can be reinstated by the interim leader—IF they agree to promote you! The best path to keeping your guild yours is to always show sportsmanlike conduct and play by the rules.

Initial Settings

Being a model Wild Rift citizen and having a few extra Poro Coins or Wild Cores tucked away is only the beginning. Now, you must actually MAKE your guild!

Go to the Guild Finder section of the guild page and tap the Create button. You'll then be prompted to fill in the specifics of your guild's name, tag, icon, description, privacy level, language, and topic labels, which you can learn about in our Guild Overview.

There are a few restrictions you have to keep in mind when first setting up your guild:

Feature Restrictions Changeable After Creation
Guild Name 3–28 characters
No mature language
Yes (24 hour cooldown)
Guild Tag 2–5 characters
No mature language
No special characters
Guild Icon Provided options only Yes
Guild Description ~200 character limit Yes
Privacy Level Public or Protected Yes
Language In-game languages only Yes
Topic Labels Provided options only Yes

Once you've filled all the given fields, tap Confirm to spend your Guild Creation Token/Wild Cores and get your guild up and running! And don't worry—if you missed something, you'll be prompted to hop back and complete any empty fields without losing your progress.

Guild Administration

Your dream is finally a reality: The Baron's Bad Boiz guild is open for business!

Now that your guild is up and running, it's time to give it a bit of the ol' razzle dazzle with some...


As your guild grows and evolves, you'll be able to change its icon, description, privacy level, and topic labels to better suit your current status whenever you like. But even more importantly, you'll be able to customize your roles!

Guild Roles

Creating a guild takes just one person, but running it takes...well, a whole guild's worth of people!

Though you may all be united under a single banner, each guildmate has a role to play:


The role given to guild creators by default, the Leader has complete control of their guild. Settings and customization, promotions and demotions, invites and kicks—you do it all! Just note that even if your buddy helped you found the guild, there can only be one leader.

Log In or Step Down

Leaders will lose their position after 30 days of inactivity, after which the role permanently transfers to the next eligible player (you must meet all the same requirements for founding a guild!) based on role/seniority.


Officers are there to help you with the day-to-day maintenance of the guild, including reviewing applicants, updating the guild feed, and maintaining the member list. Their initial permissions are almost identical to those of the leader, so bestow this title upon only your most trusted comrades if you haven't customized the permissions settings yet.


The beating heart of any guild! Every new guildmate enters your guild as a member, a role which has no special permissions by default. That means they won't be able to edit any of your settings or directly change the status of other guildmates. But what they CAN do is contribute to your Guild's progress, so recruit like crazy!

Transferring Leadership

If the burdens of leadership are weighing you down, you can simply pass the title on to another guildmate. The only requirement is that they're not guilty of any of the infractions listed under number 4 of the Guild Creation section above. If their record comes back clean, they'll be the new leader, and your role will be changed to officer.

If you choose to simply leave the guild, then leadership will pass down to the next highest player based on role/seniority.


Each role starts with a certain set of permissions that you as guild leader can change at any time. Want to keep promotions/demotions all to yourself? You can do that! Wish everybody was able to approve guild invites? Alright, you king, queen, or themperor of chaos—make it so!

To adjust these settings, simply tap Permissions and decide what each role can and cannot do, including:

  • Promote - Allow role to promote other players up to their level in the hierarchy
  • Demote - Allow role to demote other players to lower roles
  • Announce Promotion - Announce when players are promoted to the indicated roles
  • Edit Guild Homepage - Allow role to change the current guild homepage, including icon, name, description, tag plate, and so on
  • Kick - Allow role to kick other players, provided the latter are in lower roles (Also gives access to the ban list)
  • Approve Invites - Allow role to approve/reject pending guild invites (Note that this setting has no effect on public guilds)

It's best to choose your permissions early on so your guildmates know what to expect, but don't be afraid to change them if needed!

Member List

A list of all players currently in the guild. Want to learn more about a certain player? Just tap their name!

Though initially limited to 40 members, you can get up to 140 members by leveling up your guild.

Ban List

Some players and guilds just don't mix. When that happens, you can always give an offending player the boot, relegating them to...THE BAN LIST.

Once a player is on your guild's ban list, they won't be able to even try and get back into your guild. You can also preemptively add a player's name if you know for sure they wouldn't mix well with your guild.

If you fill up your ban list (which holds a maximum of 1,000 names), consider removing an old name so the healing can begin!

Guild Deletion

To everything, there is a season—and that includes guilds.

That being said, there's no quick way to delete your guild, so don't worry about accidentally pushing the wrong button. If a guild is destined for deletion, there are two ways it might go down:

No Players Left

As mentioned above, leadership will automatically pass on to the next eligible guildmate should the guild leader leave.

If, however, there's nobody to inherit the crown and you as leader attempt to leave the guild, you will receive a warning that the guild will be disbanded and asking if you want to continue. Confirm, and Baron's Bad Boiz will enter the pages of history.

No Player Activity

If none of a guild's players log on for 30 consecutive days, then the guild will be deleted. Log in to keep the dream alive!

Guilds CANNOT be restored

Once a guild is gone, all of its data is permanently lost—including its progress!

Guild Progression

Once you've got your guild just the way you like it, it's time to start earning rewards and climbing the ranks!

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