Bannable Offenses - Win Trading

Fairness is the key to any healthy competitive environment. That's why we spend so much time balancing champs, spinning up new servers, and cracking down on rule-breakers. While our safeguards stop the majority of bad actors, there will always be players who try to circumvent our cheat-detection tools in order to gain an unfair advantage. When this happens, we examine the situation and gather data to make sure we're accurately identifying the guilty parties before we act. And recently, that's meant cracking down on win trading.

What is win trading?

Win trading refers to any actions that a player or group of players may take in order to fix the outcome of a match, usually to boost a player’s MMR, rank, or account level.

What's wrong with win trading?

Win trading undermines the integrity of the competitive experience and dilutes the value of ranked play by predetermining the results of a match. Additionally, players who find themselves in a fixed game are thrust into a deeply negative experience over which they have no control. 

It's bad for Ranked, and it's bad for players.

What is Wild Rift doing to stop win traders?

Any accounts determined to have participated in win trading may be stripped of their current rank, their leaderboard position, and their ranked rewards. Offenders may also face a 7-day suspension.

The most prolific win traders and all repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

How do I report a win trader?

Please use the in-game tools to report a player for "Assisting Enemy Team," then provide your reasons in the text box.

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