Wild Rift - Stargazer

An astral event unlike any other is here to take your game to new heights!



Turn your eyes to the skies to earn stellar rewards over the following days:

Start - April 15th, 2021 / 01:00 UTC
End - April 27th, 2021 / 23:59 UTC


As the cosmic wheels turn, two missions are unlocked every day at 00:01 UTC over the course of the event!

However, the universe dictates that you can only have two active missions at any given time. But don't worry! Any extra missions you would have received will be tucked away in the celestial vault, waiting to appear when a spot opens up.

And if you complete a mission but don't claim its reward right away, not all is lost! Any progress you make towards the next unseen mission in your queue will still be counted in the background. The stars have truly aligned in your favor!

Day Mission Objective(s) Reward
1 Heavenly Riches Earn 70,000 gold 10 Event XP
  Stargazers Unite! Play 5 games
Win 2 games of ARAM
15 Event XP
2 They Are Unworthy As a team, kill 1,000 minions 10 Event XP
  Pride of the Order Play 5 games
Get an A or S rating in 2 games
15 Event XP
3 Sigil of the Crab As a team, kill 10 Rift Scuttlers 10 Event XP
  The Blade’s Edge Play 5 games
Win 1 game as or with Stargazer Camille
15 Event XP
4 Supernova! Deal 100,000 damage to enemy champions 10 Event XP
  Lightspeed Play 5 games
Win 1 game in under 13 minutes
15 Event XP
5 Scry The Heavens Place or destroy 25 wards 10 Event XP
  The Eternal Gambler Play 5 games
Win 1 game as or with Stargazer Twisted Fate
15 Event XP
6 Stellar Might Get 60 takedowns 10 Event XP
  Wrath of the Order Play 6 games
As a team, get a total of 5 aces
15 Event XP
7 Cull the Drakes! As a team, kill 5 dragons 10 Event XP
  Obelisk Removal Play 6 games
Win a game where 7 or more turrets were destroyed
15 Event XP
8 Returned to Darkness Kill 2 Barons 10 Event XP
  The Remembrancer Play 6 games
Win 1 game as or with Stargazer Soraka
15 Event XP
9 Cosmic Purge! As a team, kill 250 monsters 10 Event XP
  Sigil of the Dragon Play 6 games
As a team, kill an Elder Dragon
15 Event XP
10 Unmaker As a team, destroy 15 turrets 10 Event XP
  Chosen of the Stars Play 6 games
Get MVP/SVP 2 times
15 Event XP
11 Embrace the Darkness! Capture or kill 3 Rift Heralds 10 Event XP
  Age of Enlightenment Play 6 games
In a single game, earn 5 medals
15 Event XP


Those who accept the challenge of the heavens will earn astronomical rewards!

Milestone Reward Required
Event XP
1 Stargazer Endeavor Icon
2 Stargazer Pengu Emote

3 1250 Blue Motes 95
4 Stargazer Skin Pose Selection Chest
200 Poro Coins
5 1250 Blue Motes 175
6 To The Stars recall
7 Stargazer Triumph icon

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