Wild Rift - Sentinels of Light

A thousand years ago, a king lost his queen.

But he did not mourn her death—he refused it, emptying the kingdom's treasury in pursuit of her resurrection. His mad gaze soon turned to the Blessed Isles, a sacred land said to have magical water capable of healing any ailment… even death. The king stormed their peaceful shores with his armies, slaying all who opposed them before laying his queen's lifeless body in the blessed waters.

What rose was a haunting shadow of his love. Twisted by rage and confusion, she stabbed the king with his own sword, unleashing a terrible curse of undeath that swept across the sea in a wall of Black Mist.

But in the darkness a light emerged: the Sentinels, an ancient order sworn to defend against the Mist. They've endured for a millennium, passing the flickering torch of their resolve down through countless generations of new recruits.

A torch you now carry as the Black Mist threatens to consume all of Runeterra.

The Ruination has begun, and only you can stop it!


Visit the HQ

You must visit the HQ in the Events screen before any event progress can be tracked!

A Month of Ruin

Start - July 9th, 2021 / 00:00 UTC
End - August 10th, 2021 / 23:59 UTC

As the Black Mist engulfs Runeterra, an ancient order must bolster its ranks to protect the fading light. Join the Sentinels in their quest to stop the Ruination and witness their stories from the front line!

Seeking the Sentinels

Becoming a Sentinel is just the first step. If you are to triumph over the Black Mist, you'll have to work as a team. Of course, it helps to have a team first…

Recruitment Schedule

As time passes, more Sentinels will rally to the cause. Will these new recruits be able to fight back the Black Mist? Or will all be lost to darkness?

Champion Date Unlocked (UTC)
Senna Event Start
Lucian Event Start
Vayne 7/14
Riven 7/20
Irelia 7/20
Akshan 7/28*

*Sentinels: Suit Up!

Digging the duds for the Sentinels' latest recruits? Then you're in luck! The new Sentinel skins will be available for purchase when Akshan swings in on 7/28 UTC!

Once a Sentinel is released, you'll start building your bond with them right away—provided you've visited the HQ at least once before.

But that begs the question: what is bond, exactly?

Sentinel Bond & Rewards

The Ruination has the power to corrupt even the strongest of Runeterra's champions. If you are to have any hope of repelling its unrelenting darkness, you'll need to forge unbreakable bonds of light—and fast.

Sentinel Level Total XP Required Reward
1 50 Sentinel Bond I
150 Blue Motes
2 150 250 Blue Motes
3 350 Sentinel Bond II
350 Blue Motes
4 650 150 Poro Energy
5 950 Sentinel Bond III
Champion Emote 
  • Lucian - Looking Good, Feeling Good
  • Senna - My Hero

  • Vayne - All According to Plan
  • Riven - *Snrk!*

  • Irelia - Victory Secured!

  • Akshan - Magnifique!

150 Poro Energy
BONUS 1250 500 Poro Energy

You'll begin to build bonds with your fellow Sentinels the moment they enter the fray. Gather enough XP and you'll level up your relationship, unlocking bond dialogues and other rewards. You may also notice that some newer Sentinels are capped at level 3. Don't worry if you max them out! Your Sentinel XP will continue to accrue in the background, giving you a head start on higher levels as the story unfolds.


The BONUS level only rewards Poro Energy and does not count towards your HQ Level

Bond Dialogue

Though united in their cause, not all Sentinels share the same motivations. If you want to truly understand what drove them to join the order, you'll have to raise your Sentinel Bond by gathering Sentinel XP and gaining Sentinel Levels.


Each time you unlock a new level of Sentinel Bond, the corresponding orb will begin to glow for that Sentinel. Tap the orb to start the dialogue and deepen your relationship.

Dialogues will always progress chronologically, so don't worry if you've unlocked multiple Bonds before diving into a particular Sentinel's narrative. You can also relive your favorite moments by tapping the corresponding heart.

Sentinel XP

Building bonds with unlocked Sentinels requires XP, which you'll earn each time you achieve certain objectives. 

Sentinel Objectives
Lucian Gain 2 XP for every enemy structure destroyed
Gain an additional 2 XP for every structure you helped destroy
Senna Gain 2 XP for every ward placed
Gain 3 XP for every ward destroyed
Vayne Gain 1 XP per takedown
Gain 3 XP for getting a takedown on 5 unique champions in a single game
Riven Gain 5 XP for each epic monster slain by your team
Gain 10 XP if at least 3 epic monsters are slain in a match
Irelia Gain 2 XP for every 3,000 damage dealt to enemy champions
Gain 10 XP for participating in first blood
Akshan Gain 16 XP per game
Gain an additional 3 XP for every Sentinel champion on your team
Gain an additional 5 XP for playing in a premade team

Win or lose, every game is an opportunity to build your relationship with every Sentinel, so keep fighting to the very end!

HQ Rewards

A single light may pierce the Black Mist, but only the radiance of many will destroy it.

Your HQ Level is the sum of all your Sentinel Levels. The brighter your light, the greater your rewards!


As mentioned before, Sentinel BONUS levels do not contribute to the HQ Level. Only Sentinel Levels 1–5 can do that!

Required HQ Level Reward
1 Light in the Dark icon
3 200 Blue Motes
6 For Fetter or Worse bauble
9 400 Blue Motes
Sentinels of Light Spawn Tag I
(Usable until the event ends!)
13 Fighting the Good Fight bauble
16 400 Blue Motes
20 Sentinels of the Light Champion Selection Chest
(Choose 1 of 6 Sentinel champions)
Sentinels of Light Spawn Tag II
(Usable until the event ends!)
22 100 Poro Coins
24 Sentinels of Light Pose Selection Chest
(Select a Sentinel post to receive. Contents are fixed.)
26 Sentinel Portal icon border
28 100 Poro Coins
30 Sentinel Master icon
Sentinels of Light Spawn Tag III
(Usable until 1 week after the event ends!)

Spawn Tags


Reach HQ Level 9 to earn a spawn tag, thus proving you are a true warrior of the light.


Manage to hit HQ Level 20, and your spawn tag will become even more radiant, showing the Black Mist that you are a force to be reckoned with.


Get all the way to HQ Level 30 for the final spawn tag, which looks even grander and lasts one week longer than the other two spawn tags. Even the Ruined King himself won't want to mess with you!

Sentinel Conversations

If Lucian and Senna are to defeat the Ruined King and his many thralls, they're going to need help. Raise your HQ Level to draw new warriors to your cause and watch their stories unfold one conversation at a time!

A chat bubble will appear above a Sentinel whenever a new conversation is unlocked. You may need to wait until certain Sentinels enter the fray before progressing further, but fear not—any progress you make in the meantime will be stored until they are available.

Just One Chance

Conversations only play once, so you'll have to stay sharp if you don't want to miss a thing!

Comic Chronicles

The trials of the Sentinels have been committed to parchment in a series of lovingly crafted comics. These illustrations will be released on a pre-set schedule to all players regardless of progress, so keep an eye out for the latest page of their story.

Real Life Impact

Being a Sentinel means standing against the darkness, any time, any place. If you're ready to take the good fight to the real world, then come join The Sentinels Initiative and our charity drive!

The Sentinels Initiative

Much like the Sentinels, we must always strive to light the way to a better future. By joining The Sentinels Initiative, our latest social impact campaign, you can nominate a cause and/or nonprofit for grant funding from the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. You'll also have an opportunity to share why your cause or nonprofit matters to your community. Have a tale to tell? We want to hear it! More of a visual storyteller? Submit a picture or video! Every submission has the chance of inspiring more nominations, but the top 30 will also win a $10,000 grant from the Riot Games Social Impact Fund for their charity or cause!

So go here to sign up, choose your charity, and share your story!

Charity Drive Challenge

We've already committed $1,000,000 to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, but we're ready to up the ante. So when you say 'jump,' we're asking 'how high?'

Or put more simply: Every HQ Level you earn while the event's live will increase the Charity Drive Pool by one point!

So you're not only helping us save Runeterra—you're inspiring us to save the world!

Sentinels Unite AR

Bridge the gap between Runeterra and reality with our new immersive AR experience, where you can learn the lore of the Sentinels and take the Oath of Light!


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