Wild Rift - Pride 2021

It's been our mission to make League of Legends: Wild Rift a safe, affirming, and equitable place for all players. But frankly? Just being welcome isn't enough.

Those differences need to be celebrated.

To all the LGBTQIA+ players who have enriched our community with your vibrant colors: we stand with you. You're always invited to fly your flag in Wild Rift, so choose your hues and queue with pride!



Start - May 24th, 2021 / 00:01 UTC
End - May 30th, 2021 / 23:59 UTC

This event may only last a few days, but the homeguard trail will keep shining bright until June 14th, 2021 at 23:59 UTC!


We may each have our own colors, but we're all part of the same rainbow. So let's zhoosh up Wild Rift together!

Mission Objective Reward

We Win Together

Play 1 game

7 icons
Temporary Rainbows For All homeguard trail (See Dates for duration)

United We Play

Play 10 games with either a Pride icon or the homeguard trail equipped

Pride 2021 emote

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