Wild Rift - Lunar Beast

A warm glow floods across packed streets from a sea of scarlet lanterns, their steady burn punctuated by explosions of light as fireworks paint the moonless night sky in bold, ephemeral strokes. The smell of sulfur intermingles with sizzling dumplings, coalescing into an unmistakable scent, sparking pure joy. When it comes to the Lunar Festival, every moment is magic!

But the greatest spectacle of the evening is yet to come. Cheers erupt from the crowd as six figures rush forward to face their divine foe. A new year has arrived.

Aid the Ox Squad by empowering their god-given relics with feats of strength, cunning, and generosity, so they may once more spare the city from the rampage of a boisterous Lunar Beast!


Mark Your Calendar

What better way to ring in the Lunar New Year than with a whole month of celebration?!

Start - February 4th, 2021 / 00:00:01 UTC
End - March 2nd, 2021 / 23:59:59 UTC

Lunar Beast Event Shop Closes - March 10th, 2021 / 23:59:59 UTC

We're bringing fresh new content to this classic celebration, but if you want any of the items in our Event Shop, there is something you must do... 

Join the Ox Squad

At the close of each lunar year, a Lunar Beast—one of twelve powerful-yet-playful celestial beings—charges into our world in a fit of jubilation. It's then the job of that year's Lunar Beast Squad to dazzle, distract, and divert the Beast into slumbering submission. But they can't do it until you power up their Relic Weapons!

Incidentally, you also won't be able to earn any Lunar Tokens until you equip said Weapons in the Event Center, each of which generates points and power based on unique objectives.

Relic Weapon Objective* Rewards
Lunar Gauntlets N/A (Already powered up!) N/A
Lunar Flintlocks Earn 5 / 11 / 18 / 26 / 35 points
  • +2 per win
  • +1 per loss
  • +1 per game with a premade team
25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 Tokens
Lunar Spear Earn 7 / 15 / 25 / 37 / 50 points
  • +2 per Baron or dragon killed by your team
  • +1 per Rift Herald killed or captured by your team
25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 Tokens
Lunar Blade Earn 30 / 70 / 120 / 180 / 250 points
  • +1 per takedown
  • +5 for earning MVP/SVP
25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 Tokens
Lunar Axe Earn 15 / 35 /  60 / 90 / 125 points
  • +1 per turret destroyed by your team
  • +3 per win under 15 minutes
25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 Tokens
Lunar Bear (Always equipped) Earn 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 points 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 Tokens

Having trouble fulfilling an objective? Don't even sweat it! You can switch Weapons whenever you like and pick up where you left off later! Just bear in mind that fully powered Weapons will no longer award you Tokens, so swap 'em out with unpowered Weapons to continue filling your coffers and helping the Ox Squad!

Those who manage to charge all six weapons will be handsomely rewarded:

Special Objectives Rewards
Power up all 4 equippable Relic Weapons
(Lunar Flintlocks, Lunar Spear, Lunar Blade, and Lunar Axe)
Golden Ox Icon
Power up the Lunar Bear Lunar Tibbers Icon

Even if you don't manage to power up ALL the Weapons, there's still plenty you can purchase with your hard-earned Tokens!

Lunar Beast Shop

Although no festival is complete without a few surprises, we're listing ALL of this month's Lunar Beast Shop content to help you plan your purchases.

Item Cost (Lunar Tokens)
Team Boost 5
Beacon of the Bull Bauble 225
Ouch! Emote 175
Lunar Beast Alistar Pose 300
Lunar Beast Annie Pose 300
Lunar Beast Darius Pose 300
Lunar Beast Fiora Pose 300
Lunar Beast Jarvan IV Pose 300
Lunar Beast Miss Fortune Pose 300
Lunar Beast Random Skin Chest 1200
Sweet Retreat Bauble* 225
Love on the Way Emote* 175
Xayah* 300
Rakan* 300
Xayah Pose* 300
Rakan Pose* 300
Panda Teemo Pose* 300
Sweetheart Rakan Pose* 300
Sweetheart Xayah Pose* 300
Sweetheart Sona Pose* 300
Heartseeker Vayne Pose* 300
Cosmic Dawn Rakan Pose* 300
Cosmic Dusk Xayah Pose* 300

*Content marked with an asterisk will become available once the Lunar Lovers event begins on 1/12/2021.


Some of you may have noticed the absence of a certain lunar lad and his spectral sister. You better believe we plucked that low-hanging celestial fruit over in League of Legends on PC, which is having its own Lunar Beast event! And if it seems like we're playing favorites, don't worry—Aphelios' Lunar Beast skin may be LoL-exclusive, but only Wild Rift players will get to strut down the lane with Miss Fortune's Lunar Beast skin. We think it's a pretty fair trade!

Lunar Lovers

Those looking to add a dash of romance to their Lunar New Year should check the Lunar Lovers event, which is set to bring more missions, tons of Tokens, and loads of love on February 12th!

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