Wild Rift - Ultimate Spellbook Event

Tired of picking the same Spells every match? Why not swap one of them out with another champ's ultimate in League of Legends: Wild Rift's Ultimate Spellbook event?! 


Start - March 30, 2023 // 00:00 UTC
End - April 12, 2023 // 23:59 UTC*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

What is Ultimate Spellbook?

Much like Ultra Rapid Fire Mode, Ultimate Spellbook (USB) is a time-limited game mode that makes Wild Rift even wilder! But instead of giving you the power to spam abilities at will, you choose from a small selection of other champion's ults each game to replace one of your Spells. These ults are generally on lower cooldowns than usual, allowing you to whip up crazy combos all by yourself. But be careful! The enemy is given the same perk, so always take a look at the scoreboard to see what you're up against before you get in over your head!

USB Ultimates List

Ahri Akali Amumu Ashe
Blitzcrank Camille Ekko Evelynn
Ezreal Fizz Gragas Gwen
Jarvan IV Jinx Jhin Kayle
Lee Sin Lucian Lulu Lux
Malphite Miss Fortune Mundo Nunu
Olaf Pantheon Seraphine Sett
Tristana Tryndamere Varus Vex
Vi Xin Zhao Yone Ziggs

While you can likely expect this game mode to return some time in the future, we're celebrating its first release with a special event. So what are you waiting for?! Choose your ultimate and let loose!

What else is different in Wild Rift's Ultimate Spellbook?

A bunch of things! Liiike:

  • USB ultimates have built-in ability haste and level up when you hit level 9 and 13.
  • USB ultimates deal adaptive damage! If you typically deal AD but get an AP ult (or visa versa), it'll still scale to your main stat.
  • Everybody gets extra Spell ability haste, health, tenacity, and movement speed.
  • Champions grow in size with each kill and shrink each death. Talk about flaunting your KDA!
  • After 15 minutes, the Nexus no longer restores health!

I'm a jungler! What happened to my Smite?!

Never fear, jungle mains! If you're assigned to the Jungle position, you'll be given Auto Obsidian Smite, which will automatically kill your Blue Sentinel, Red Brambleback, Rift Scuttler, or epic monsters that are at or under 450 HP when you auto attack them. It will also cause your auto attacks to inflict the Burning effect on jungle monsters, dealing a small amount of damage over time to help with your clear. Just remember: the auto-kill only works on YOUR Red/Blue buffs, and will not trigger on the enemy's jungle.


Ultimate Spellbook's missions refresh every day at 00:00 UTC. Be sure to finish up before then, as any progress you make without completing the mission will also reset!

Just remember: these missions can only be accomplished in matchmade game modes like Normal/Ranked PVP, ARAM, Co-op VS AI, and, of course, Ultimate Spellbook. Custom matches and training mode are great for practice, but they won't count towards any objectives.

Xp Required Reward
Play an Ultimate Spellbook match 1 XP
Get 20 takedowns 1 XP
Help destroy 3 turrets 1 XP


As if getting a second ultimate isn't enough of a reward, you also stand to win the items below!

Xp Required Reward
3 100 Blue Motes
6 100 Blue Motes
9 125 Blue Motes
12 125 Blue Motes
15 150 Blue Motes
18 150 Blue Motes
21 spellbook-poro-emote.jpg
Spellbook Poro Emote
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