Wild Rift - Card Trick Chaos

Jinx, the Queen of Chaos, has descended upon League of Legends: Wild Rift with a handbag of hijinks! A satchel of silliness! A WHEELBARROW OF WACKINESS.

Complete a series of manic missions for equally ridiculous rewards, or follow the advice of Jinx's destructive doodle to see just how far off-script this event goes!


Start - March 30, 2023 / 00:00 UTC
End - April 19, 2023 / 23:59 UTC*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.


Each Act contains four standard, run-of-the-mill missions with objectives most veteran Wild Rift players will be quite familiar with. Completing them will unlock that Act's reward (listed below!) and grant you access to the next Act's missions (provided enough time has passed, of course!).

But what's the fun in that when you can complete just one challenge mission to finish the Act in a single game?!

Granted, these challenge mission objectives are a bit…well, silly. You could play 100 matches and never achieve them by chance! But if you assemble a crack team of like-minded lunatics, you can show the world that it is we who are the April Fools for ever doubting you!

Just remember: these missions can only be accomplished in matchmade game modes like Normal/Ranked PVP, ARAM, Co-op VS AI, and in this case, Ultimate Spellbook. Custom matches and training mode are great for practice, but they won't count towards any objectives!

Act 1

Unlocks: RIGHT NOW!
Requirements: None!

Mission Objective(s)
CHALLENGE: No Surrender Destroy the enemy nexus in under 4:30
Gathering Funds Earn 40,000 gold
Pummel Away Deal 120,000 damage to enemy champions
Winner Winner Win 5 matches
Teamwork As a team, get 350 kills

Act 2

Unlocks: April 2, 2023 @ 00:00 UTC
Requirements: Complete Act 1

Mission Objective(s)
CHALLENGE: Zooooom You or someone on your team achieves 1300 movement speed
Flimsy Structures Assist in destroying 5 turrets
Into The River As a team, defeat 25 Rift Scuttlers
Play 6 matches
Occupational Hazard As a team, defeat 2,000 minions
A Dangerous Foe As a team, defeat Baron Nashor 3 times
Play 12 matches

Act 3

Unlocked: April 5, 2023 @ 00:00 UTC
Requirements: Complete Act 2

Mission Objective(s)
CHALLENGE: Sell It All Destroy the enemy nexus without any items on any allied champions
Strike First As a team, get first blood
Play 4 matches
Shopping Time Earn 90,000 gold
All Seeing Place or destroy 45 wards
Play 9 matches
Takedown Machine Get 150 takedowns

Act 4

Unlocked: April 8, 2023 @ 00:00 UTC
Requirements: Complete Act 3

Mission Objective(s)
CHALLENGE: Lemmings In a co-op versus AI game, have your entire team be executed to the enemy fountain before 2:00
No One Left As a team, get an Ace
Play 4 matches
Grab Some Friends Win a match while in a premade party
Play 6 matches
Clear The Way As a team, destroy 35 turrets
Victorious! Win 7 matches

Act 5

Unlocked: April 11, 2023 @ 00:00 UTC
Requirements: Complete Act 4

Mission Objective(s)
CHALLENGE: Pacifist Run Win a match with 0 kills on the team
Punch First Deal 75,000 damage to enemy champions
Playmaker Get first blood
Play 6 matches
A Job Well Done Get MVP
Play 9 matches
Top Of The Class Get an A or S rating twice
Play 12 matches

Act 6

Unlocked: April 14, 2023 @ 00:00 UTC
Requirements: Complete Act 5

Mission Objective(s)
CHALLENGE: Star Player You or someone on your team gets a pentakill
Rule Of Three Win 3 matches
On The Hunt Get 30 kills
Monster Slayer As a team, defeat 25 epic monsters
Play 9 matches
Merit Badges Earn 15 medals
Play 12 matches

…and definitely nothing else!


Complete the four standard missions or the single challenge mission for any of the above Acts to find yourself the proud, but also very silly owner of the following rewards!

Mission Objective(s)
0 (Just for participating!) puns-spawn-tag.png
PUNS Spawn Tag (temporary, ends with event)
1 500 Poro Energy
2 jinx-here_-icon.png
Jinx Here! Icon
3 500 Poro Energy
4 oh-well_-emote.png
Oh Well! Emote
5 500 Poro Energy
SNACKS Icon Border

And That's It!

…Huh? You've heard there's some secrets we're not telling you about? Pfft! That's ridiculous. Just have a look at that background with Twisted Fate! Seriously, push aside all those totally normal missions and take a good, looong gander. Does he seem like the type of guy who would have something hidden up his sleeve? Really, now! What do you think this is, some kind of silly April Fool's Event?!


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