Wild Rift - Lunar Feast

Mythmaking is hungry work. Thankfully, you and your elite team of chefs are ready to cook up a storm in League of Legends: Wild Rift's Lunar Feast!


Kick off the new year with a whole month of missions!

Start - January 12, 2023 // 00:00 UTC
End - February 8, 2023 // 23:59 UTC*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

Preparing a Lunar Feast

Lunar Feast is all about good food, great friends, and a smorgasbord of rewards. But before you tuck into your own feast of baubles, emotes, and more, you'll have to feed the Mythmakers. And for that, you're gonna need a team.

Teaming Up

Your customers are bringing a mythic hunger that cannot be appeased by one chef alone. That's why for this event you must be part of a team to participate! But don't even sweat it, because we made joining a team as simple as moonpie.

Create a Team

Keen on cooking up a storm with your squad? Then this is the choice for you!

Anybody can create a team free of cost. New teams start off Closed by default, meaning other players must receive an invitation from you or your teammates to join.

If you've invited all your friends and still have room on the roster, consider changing your team to Open to allow any other players to join you. But don't make this decision lightly—once your team is Open, there's no going back to Closed! 

Join a Team

Would you rather leave all the management stuff to someone else and start cookin'? Then join a pre-existing team!

If you're aiming to join your friends team, have them drop you an invitation. You can browse your invitations ("Invitations" PLURAL? so popular!) after tapping Join a Team, at which point you can click the check mark to join instantly!

If you're a solitary sous chef looking to join any old team, then tap the Find Team button! This will put you into our magnificent Mythmaking matchmaker, which will automatically place you on a team after a short wait.

Leave a Team

Sometimes, too few cooks spoil the broth, and you decide to leave your team. Which is totally fine! In fact, you can leave your team whenever you want and as many times as you need to. But be careful—extremely capricious cooks will start to experience a cooldown before they can join a new crew if they leave too many teams in a single day. Feel free to shop around for a team dynamic that's right for you, but consider pumping the brakes if your admission into new teams starts getting delayed.

Also note that if the team leader drops out, then the title of head chef will be passed down based on seniority. Whoever's been on the team longest gets to wear the big white hat!

Unless, of course, there's nobody else, in which case the team will be disbanded.

Additionally, players who are inactive for seven consecutive days will be removed from the team.

Dang! The restaurant business is brutal.

Cooking Missions

The moment your team is formed, they'll be approached by one of the Mythmakers with a delicious Lunar New Year order. Then it's time to cook!

Everybody on your team will choose from a few potential missions that dole out ingredients for things like dealing damage, destroying turrets, or even playing in a premade party. You'll only be able to have one active mission at a time, so make sure to pick one that complements your playstyle.

Like the missions in other events, you can complete your objectives in Normal PVP, ARAM, Ranked, special game modes like URF, and Co-op vs. AI. Training, custom games, and 1v1 duels will not score you any ingredients, so take care when queuing up if you're looking to put the finishing touches on your current recipe!

Completion is Key

Team Rewards are given to whoever is on the team when the order is completed, regardless of time spent with the team. If you manage to join a team that's 95% of the way to finishing a dish, then you're headed into a very lucky new year!

Event Pass

Elevate your cuisine to the next level with a Lunar Feast Event Pass, which can be purchased while the event's live for 590 Wild Cores. If you're short on time, you can also purchase levels on your event pass for 125 Wild Cores per level. The Pass will not only unlock an extra set of Personal Rewards, but will make them easier to obtain by providing a 25% Ingredient Boost for both your personal and team progress. If that's not enough to whet your appetite, you'll also get a special icon on the team leaderboard to show your fellow chefs that you're ready to turn up the heat!

Personal Rewards

Although creating the Lunar Feast dishes is a team effort, your personal progress will follow you from team to team. You've earned it!

There are plenty of free rewards just for completing missions, but if you're looking to double up on your loot, consider grabbing the Lunar Feast Event Pass to get the extra Rewards detailed below!

Ingredient Requirement Free Reward Pass Reward
0 bun-brightly-spawn-tag.png
Bun Brightly Spawn Tag (Temporary)
500 Blue Motes
500 happy-new-ears-icon.png
Happy New Ears!
Year of the Rabbit
1000 tall-order-bauble.png
Tall Order
Break a Leg
1500 500 Blue Motes 500 Poro Energy
2000 sticky-situation-bauble.png
Sticky Situation
2500 500 Poro Energy 500 Blue Motes
3000 just-desserts-bauble.png
Just Desserts
3500 Champion Self Select 500 Poro Energy
4000 on-a-roll-bauble.png
On a Roll
Prop Hop
4500 Champion Pose Selection Chest
Gwen Pose (regular)
Seraphine Pose (regular)
Camille Pose (regular)
Zoe Pose (regular)
Caitlyn Pose (regular)
500 Blue Motes
5000 500 Poro Energy 500 Poro Energy
5500 dumplings-steamed-bauble.png
Dumplings? Steamed
6000 500 Blue Motes 500 Blue Motes
6500 Poro Chest Poro Chest
7000 500 Poro Energy 500 Poro Energy
7500 bunny-hop-recall.png
Bunny Hop
8000 250 Poro Energy 250 Poro Energy
8500 250 Poro Energy 250 Poro Energy
9000 250 Poro Energy 250 Poro Energy
9500 250 Poro Energy 250 Poro Energy
10000 250 Poro Energy 250 Poro Energy
10500 250 Poro Energy auspicious-aff-hare-spawn-tag.png
Auspicious Aff-hare
Spawn Tag (Permanent!)

Team Rewards

Once a team reaches 4,000 ingredients, all of its current members will be given a reward. Achieve this feat five times with any team for a truly mythic homage to your teamwork!

Team Ingredient Requirement Reward
4,000 500 Poro Energy
4,000 500 Poro Energy
4,000 500 Poro Energy
4,000 500 Poro Energy
4,000 myths-made-icon.png
Myths? Made! Icon
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